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1.06 skin

The music! Seriously, if nothing else, Kripke kicks ass on his musical selections.

The reveal of “Dean” is still awesome.

It’s sad that Sam doesn’t keep in touch with this college buddies anymore and how true the convo that he and Dean have in a few short minutes quickly becomes his life despite his protestations.

So Sam’s email is lawboy@stanford.ed (or something resembling that. It sort of goes ….s in the middle there which is weird) Lawboy. Ha. I find that insanely adorable.

The tight-lip smile Sammy smile! Yay!

Does he have to screech out of the parking lot every single time?

Every girl they know is hot. And blonde. And skinny.

“Bizbee, Arizona.” I just like the WAY he says that, you know? It’s a Jensen kink, I think. He says certain words and it’s like yeah, that’s nice. It’s like tlace and her wrist thing.

I have to admit the soft, compassionate season 1 Sammy voice is kind of annoying. Talk normal and I’ll love you even when you’re raising Lucifer.

“Yeah, I am an officer of the law.” Hehe.

Sometimes Sam is way too condescending. “Blood” just rubbed me the wrong way. Like see? I told you this was our kind of case. I know what I’m talking about. WAH WAH WAH WAH.

The goopy shapeshifter residue is nasty. Which is to say, awesome.

Sammy dimples! So distracting and obviously they cast some kind of a spell because I’m no longer annoyed with him. DIMPLES!!

This makes me sad because after seeing all we've seen, you know that Dean MADE himself believe this so he wouldn't feel the pain of lonliness as much but we know that, really, he wants and needs it - probably far more than Sam does:
DEAN: I hate to say it, but that’s exactly what I’m talkin’ about. You lie to your friends because if they knew the real you, they’d be freaked. It’s just—it’d be easier if—
SAM: If I was like you.
DEAN: Hey, man, like it or not, we are not like other people. But I’ll tell you one thing. This whole gig—it ain’t without perks.

This thing just drops skin all over the place. And the look on Sam's face is priceless!

The reveal of the shapeshifter made my heart seize up. I SHOULD KNOW BETTER. A) I’ve seen this at least 4 times so DUH. And b) I watch a lot of “scary” movies. It’s so obvious.

My favorite thing about this ep is the future storylines it brings to the mix. It makes things very interesting for the boys.

Why isn’t it an issue that three women were (almost) murdered in exactly the same manner by three different men all claiming that it wasn’t them? That’s not something the police find odd??

Even seeing SS!Dean hit Sam HURT, you know?

Great, great, great scene - and you know Sam doesn't know if he should believe the SS or not because he's evil and YET he's obviously downloading Dean's feelings/history/etc.:
SHAPESHIFTER: He’s sure got issues with you. You got to go to college. He had to stay home. I mean, I had to stay home. With Dad. You don’t think I had dreams of my own? But Dad needed me. Where the hell were you?
SAM: Where is my brother?
SHAPESHIFTER: I am your brother. See, deep down, I’m just jealous. You got friends. You could have a life. Me? I know I’m a freak. And sooner or later, everybody’s gonna leave me.
SAM: What are you talkin’ about?
SHAPESHIFTER: You left. Hell, I did everything Dad asked me to, and he ditched me, too. No explanation, nothin’, just poof. Left me with your sorry ass. But, still, this life? It’s not without its perks.

I’ve watched three episodes today and I think the important question is: WHY ARE THESE BOYS NEVER NAKED??? I mean, you’d think in an episode entitled SKIN there’d be SOME.

“Well, he’s not stupid. He picked the handsome one.” HAAHAHAHAAAAAA.

There’s massive Vaseline or gauze on the camera during the SS!Dean/Rebecca scene.

So the shapeshifter is a...mutant...like The X-Men??

Vulcan mind meld! Sweet!

Does Jensen know how to wear a gray t-shirt or what? DAMN.

I also like the continuity here and in “Monster Movie” with the theme of the shapeshifter’s loneliness – although there, a little more pathetic; here a little more psycho.

I know it shouldn’t be amusing that when Rebecca screams he mocks her and screams, too, but it is.

Yay, skin! Unfortunately, it then goes into convulsing, peeling off skin shots. Ew, skin! It’s actually pretty frakking disgusting.

“Man, it’s not even a good picture.”

Do you think Rebecca wants to see SAM of all people?? As far as she knows, HIS BROTHER just tortured her and wanted to MURDER HER.

LOVE this entire exchange:
DEAN: The thought of him driving my car.
SAM: All right, come on.
DEAN: It’s killing me.
SAM: Let it go.

“Meet me at Rebecca’s.” A) Aren’t they already there? So wouldn’t they say “meet me here”? and B) What a colossally stupid f-ing idea! Yeah, let’s meet at the place where your doppelganger tried to murder someone! The cops will NEVER look there! Brilliant!

So couldn’t she, after seeing with HER OWN TWO EYES that it wasn’t Dean, tell the cops that it wasn’t him? Or does that not matter at this point?

What is with the Vaseline lens? Is it because the blonde lady looks a lot older than Sam in the close-ups that its hard to believe that she would still be in school with him and that she’s only 22 years old? Or is she supposed to older and he went to school with her brother? It doesn’t matter…episode’s over and we’ll never see her again.

More eye-candy...just 'cause:

This cracks me up...it's amazing how 4 years ago I found this STAB worthy and now I find it adorable and oh-so-Sam!sigh.

Even shapeshifter!Dean is hot:

I just love this shot. It makes me feel tingly:

Serious laptop Sam:

They're trying different camera angles...I approve:

The profile of GUH:

And to end...smiley, smirk-y Dean-o:

Ah, good old "Skin"...the episode where there really wasn't ANY.
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"Ah, good old "Skin"...the episode where there really wasn't ANY."

Seriously. There really should be a lot more naked boys. Especially naked Dean. And naked Cas. And naked Dean and Cas together. Ahem.

Sorry, sorry - fanfic is owning my brain right now.

I always thought this had a lot of extremely silly moments in it but it does have it's good moments. Thanks for the picspam.
I just want 'em naked, I don't particularly need them naked with anyone ;) But enjoy your fanfic!

I'm finding episodes that I thought I loved are coming up a little bit shorter than they once did, this one being one of them. There were still good moments but, yeah, some of it was just not as good as I remember - or at least not as good as I've come to expect from the show, you know?
that opening scene is always so awesome. that shot you have of Jensen is just so hot and with the music it's just...