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spn watching
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we watch superntural. we fangirl out.
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01. There are none.
Rewatching the entire series is NOT REQUIRED. In fact, rewatching a single ep and posting your thoughts here is an idea WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY SUPPORT.
Okay we DO expect that you at least LIKE Supernatural - or you wouldn't be here - but even we (the Mods) who LOVE THE SHOW ON INSANE LEVELS still have issues with it from time to time so "no bashing" isn't even a rule because sometimes we bitch BECAUSE WE CARE.
02. There is no set way to REWATCH or to RECAP the show.
Rewatch the whole series BACKWARDS. Watch the thirteenth episode of each season and COMPARE AND CONTRAST. Write your recaps in IAMBIC PENTAMETER. Set your reviews to song. Or go with a theme; maybe watch all the penultimate eps. Or perhaps just the AU eps. Or only the premiers, or finales. Whatever your little SPN loving heart desires. Because that is what this community is all about. CREATIVITY IS ENCOURAGED.
03. Have FUN.
There is NO pressure here. Don't feel like once you've begun your rewatch (in whatever capacity) that there is some time frame for you to finish it. We've all SEEN THE ENTIRE SERIES, so there is no need to stress. This comm is simply a way to reignite the love, see things we didn't the first time, OGLE THE HOTTIES WHATEVER.


DISCLAIMER: This is a REWATCH community meaning the people posting here have already watched the entire series of Supernatural and will refer to any and all episodes/story arcs/character developments etc - past and current - repeatedly in their posts.

If you do not want to be spoiled for any Supernatural episodes you have yet to see, don't click the cuts.

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