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We have not abandoned the SPN rewatch!

My excuse is that I'm getting married in 3 weeks and I've, unfortunately, had no time to sit and do what I actually WANT to do - which is cap and recap cute boys fighting evil.

I don't know what Tee's excuse is - she's just lazy ;) (I KID! She's helping me not run away and/or pull all my hair out strand by strand)

I promise we'll be back in full-swing come the end of October and again, I want to reiterate that we would absolutely LOVE for others to participate and share your thoughts, picspams, general squeeage on any episode at any time. There is no set format here - do whatever you want to do and we'll gobble it up.

On a different & more important note - how awesome was "Sympathy for the Devil"?!? YAY!
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