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1.09 home

Exactly what I’m wearing for my upcoming nuptials! Awesome.

I’m listening to this ep wearing headphones and all the “rat” scampering noises are really creepy. Well done, sound guys!

I just don’t think I would go hunting rats in the middle of the night. She couldn’t have waited until daytime?

If a chair moved on its OWN, I would be out the door in a flash.

The pictures are sad :(

Seriously, this girl is remarkably calm for having a fiery figure come strolling out of her closet….well until, she finally screams. So…SPOILER ALERT: This is supposed to Mary?!?! I’ll admit this episode always kind of confused me and I hoped rewatching it yet again would help but it didn’t.

How does one shoot themselves in the head 3 times?? I guess that’s what would make it blow up their skirts… Whatever, Dean looks cute trying to get Sam’s attention about it. That’s all that matters, really.

At first I thought the photos were the same and they were just being lazy but for shame, Kripke & Co. actually used and weathered two photos. What other show would bother doing that?

“Trust you? C’mon man, that’s weak.”
Is it? Is that not enough of a request between brothers who fight evil and claim they would die for one another? I say that sentence is weak.

So much for keeping that Jess death dream to yourself, huh? Also, sharing is good, Sam. Do it more often so things like the DEVIL RISING FROM THE FIERY PITS OF HELL could be avoided. Yes, I will beat this dead horse deader.

DEAN: All right, just slow down, would ya? I mean, first you tell me that you’ve got the Shining? And then you tell me that I’ve gotta go back home? Especially when….
SAM: When what?
DEAN: [sadly] When I swore to myself that I would never go back there?
SAM: [softly] Look, Dean, we have to check this out. Just to make sure.
DEAN: I know we do.

Often houses change from the pilot ep so it’s understandable this house is so not the house but it’s just is so obviously NOT the house. You know?

Dean knows what flickering lights means instantly so I still call bullshit on Mary not knowing in the 1.01 – especially after retconning her back story (a back story I LOVE, don’t get me wrong, but STILL, a retcon is a retcon).

Love the knowing looks the boys give each other. “Haunted.” “Totally.”

“Well, I’m just freaked out that you’re weirdo visions are coming true.”

Ooh, I want to swipe Jared’s bangs out of his eyes!!! It’s already driving me crazy and it’s not season 2…or 3! The horror!

The phone message to John…Jensen NAILED that. The quivering lips, the tears in the eyes, the cracking voice…all of it, excellent.
DEAN: Dad? I know I’ve left you messages before. I don’t even know if you’ll get ‘em. [He clears his throat.] But I’m with Sam. And we’re in Lawrence. And there’s somethin’ in our old house. I don’t know if it’s the thing that killed Mom or not, but….[His voice breaks. He pauses, barely keeping himself together.]…I don’t know what to do. [He begins to cry.] So, whatever you’re doin’, if you could get here. Please. I need your help, Dad. [He hangs up sadly, with tears in his eyes.]

Immediately STOP putting your hand in a garbage disposal if a creepy toy monkey starts banging its symbols for NO APPARENT REASON. Those monkeys are the worst. The worst! And it’s all because of Stephen King (for me, anyway).


John was a mechanic. Huh. Not that much of a surprise but yet kind of all at the same time. The thing about the description here is that it’s not surprising for what’s been built up about him since 1.01, after Mary’s death and the hunting began. However, this man’s experience with John is pre-that (right?) and although I’m sure he was still stubborn and Marine-y, he seemed much happier, looser, free in the brief time we saw him in the pilot. Of course, he could have continued to be a mechanic for a bit after her death but I got the distinct impression that it was like insta-obsession and he didn’t stick around Kansas long after.

I wonder if Sam is nervous about meeting a psychic.

I adore Loretta Devine. ADORE. I wish she had been on the show more and not stupid GA.

Plus, Missouri ROCKS it hardcore:
MISSOURI: Well, lemme look at ya. [She laughs.] Oh, you boys grew up handsome. [She points a finger at DEAN.] And you were one goofy-lookin’ kid, too. [DEAN glares at her while SAM smirks.]

Magician? Doesn’t she mean ILLUUUUSIONIST?

Love Sam’s amusement at all this. Dean is scared which is also very amusing.

I still contend that Sam could be doing what Missouri can do. He just doesn’t know how…yet…but I’m holding out hope for this year. OOH! Maybe she can come back and teach him! That would be stellar.

Okay, I know this lady just moved in a few days before but I think it’s a lame plot device to not have shelves in the fridge so the kid fits in there. I can see the shelf resting on its side. C’mon!!

So when the mom goes over to the fridge, the child lock isn’t locked. She picked it up like she’s unlocking it and then opens the door. A little gaffe…or maybe they couldn’t actually lock a child in the refrigerator… Also, why is the milk spilled?

DEAN: Yeah.
MISSOURI: Amateur.

Crossroad dirt…interesting.

Um, why isn’t Sam doing anything to help? He’s too good to make anti-poltergeist sacks??

How did Missouri pick the short straw and end up in the basement?

They trashed that poor woman’s house!

Look, shelves! Live and learn, I suppose.

“We’ll pay for all of this.” Dean’s face is priceless!

“Don’t you worry. Dean’s gonna clean up this mess.” CAN’T STOP THE LAUGHTER.

They did NOT do a good job of getting rid of the ghosts.

Zelda Rubenstein!!! AHAHAHAA!

I like when the boys run. Yes, indeed. There’s no bad there.

“Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don’t look back!” Aw, love it!

As Dean’s axing the door, all I can think is, “Heeeeeeere’s, Johnny!!”

HOW?!?! How can Sam see that it’s Mary? Also, what the huh the why the huh??? And why is Mary scaring poor little girls in their beds? No nice, Mamma W, not nice at all.

She reminds me or Robin Wright Penn.

Mary’s done spending time with Dean. She wants Sam. He’s special. Also, this could NOT be her, right? Couldn’t something manifest and pretend to be her? There seems to be a hint of a smirk more than a smile here...or maybe I'm reading more into this than I should...

I suppose now with “ITB”, we’re supposed to take the “sorry” and the look as a hint to the pact with Azazel. Whatever, Mary, you suck. (Not really but I’m really kind of angry at how she totally brushed off Dean here)

So…Mary just ordered the thing out and that worked? Why didn’t she just do that before for that poor family? Something just doesn’t add up for me here.

You know, why wouldn’t you say sorry to both of your sons? She totally stepped right past Dean. This REALLY upsets me. Like way more than it ever did in any of the other times I’ve watched this ep.

Are you sure the house is okay now, Missouri? Because last time you were sure and that didn’t turn out so good..

So why would Mary be there for like a few days? What kind of sense does that make????
“See you around” – yeah, that would have been nice, Loretta.

Also, she tells John here about Sam’s abilities but isn’t he surprised to learn about them later in either 1.21 or 1.22?

If there’s a man who should have a beard, it’s JDM. It just WORKS.

I love love love that he still wears his wedding ring. I wouldn't expect anything else but it was a nice added touch.

Also, he is completely frustrating and infuriating. I just want to shake him. And then make out with him.

I just like this:

Jensen gives good profile and I’m a sucker for a back of head shot.

Pursed lips spotting!

Squinty eyes of seduction! For clarification – tlace and I have decided that whatever Jensen is doing it’s X of seduction. So…rubbing his thumb along his lips – the thumb of seduction! Doing that frowny face thing that he always does? Frowny face of seduction! Squinty eyes? Squinty eyes of seduction! You get where we're at, right?

There was a similar shot in “Skin” that I liked, too. Apparently, foreground Sam and a blurry, watchful Dean is my kink, Tee.

His face is totally like, “Er, did she just call ME goofy looking??”

Oh, the Jensen looks…they make me giggle


Their faces when Mary leaves…heart breakage 100xs over.

JDM – because it’s my picspam and I can:

Home...where I'm still as frakking confused on the 4th viewing as I was on the first. Awesome.
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