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Huh. These monkey suits do come in handy.

1x04 Phantom Traveler - Five Things

01. I find it interesting that this is the first the boys learn of demons and/or demon possession. The idea that at 26 and 22 respectively they're just NOW figuring out that demons possess people and how they're expelled and who they possess, etc when they've spent their LIVES as hunters. Granted, it's better than a bunch of painfully clunky exposition but STILL, in all the years they ran around the country with their dad THIS IS THE FIRST EVER DEMON THEY DEAL WITH?! Please.

02. SEEPY DEAN-O IN HIS SKIVVIES. Do I even need to explain why this is awesome? Fine. First, this is one of, what, FOUR TIMES we get to see Dean when he's not FULLY CLOTHED? Which, yes, SHALLOW PRIORITIES I KNOW, but DUDE. LOOK AT HIM.
Second, JAckles is AMAZING at Groggy Wake-Up face. And third, BOXER BRIEFS. Not boxers. Not tidy whities. BOXER BRIEFS. I DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS MAKES ME HAPPY IT JUST DOES.


03. Hunting demons is SRS BZNZ.



05. After COMPLETELY forgetting the Copy Jack scene (the best part of which was DEAN-O SCOPING OUT THAT CHICK), I assumed the fake badges the boys use through out the series were made by professional Fake Badge Makers or something.

I mean I BELIEVE Dean is talented, HE MADE HIS OWN EMF METER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, but talented enough to fool the likes of Sheriffs and OTHER FBI AGENTS with his badge making abilities? Doubtful. HOWEVER. I know I would be SO distracted by the HOTNESS OF THE WINCHESTERS IN SUITS the ID could be HAND-DRAWN ON THE BACK OF A NAPKIN and I'd be all YEAH SURE GO AHEAD IN AND HEY HERE ARE ALL OF OUR TOP SECRET FILES OH YOU WANT A MILLION DOLLARS OKAY I'LL BE RIGHT BACK GOTTA GO SELL MY KIDNEY.  Just sayin.

I think the best thing about Phantom Traveler are the all the facts we learn, the things the episode adds to the mythology of the show. Everything we know about demons begins here, with the smokey-bug-cloud and the black eyes and the need for the person to be emotionally weakened in order to be possessed, etc. Also, this ep really sets-up the idea of the boys living this nomadic existence - outside the law - done for the greater good. Living in motels, sleeping with knives, making fake IDs, wearing disguises, home-made EMF meters, all details that make their world seem real. Possible. How else could they do what they do?
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