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We wanted to do a rewatch and it's gone kind of willy-nilly because tlace is a "completionist freak" and I just want to watch what I consider the better episodes. So...what's happening is we're not meshing and watching at the same time which is totally fine but I thought I would at least give anyone who might watch the community a heads-up as to where we're at in case you wanted to hop in and join us!

We're both currently watching season 1. I have picked 12 episodes to watch (crossed out eps have been watched):
1. Pilot
2. Phantom Traveler
3. Bloody Mary
4. Skin
5. Home
6. Nightmare
7. Shadow
8. Hell House
9. Provenance
10. Dead Man's Blood
11. Salvation
12. Devil's Trap

I try to watch when I have a free couple of hours as I'm taking caps and notes and watching one episode can take some time so I don't have a set schedule. Tee is planning on watching the whole season. We were hoping to do the rewatch organically without a set schedule and a lot of rules attached.

We strongly enourage and would LOVE for anyone to jump right in and post their own thoughts. Please don't feel like you have to wait for us to watch an episode and post something. Or that you have to have a picspam (I'm just a whore for my PSP and turning the boys pretty colors ;)). We would honestly just love reading your reactions to the episodes, as well. That's the whole point. Don't be shy!
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